1. September 17th

I think your blog page is super interesting and has many esthetically pleasing images. Your posts are easy to read and spread out very evenly. I think this is a great blog that brings a lot of good PR effects.

      2. September 30th

This post is super good and interesting as well. I liked how you had many experiences that you have with social media apps. Such as taking selfies back and forth on snap chat and how many times you actually send snap chats back in forth. This article is very relate able and that is why I was drawn to it.

        3. October 13th

I think you did a great job putting together the twitter scavenger hunt. The two pictures of the school, looked as if they were taken by a photographer. It was a great addition to your blog and your twitter!

        4. October 22nd

I think this blog is very cool, because it was related to the movie “Back to the Future.” The layout was very simple and easy to read, although I think this blog could have 1 or 2 more pictures. Great job!

         5. October 29th

I think it was very smart to do a blog about a show many people like or know about. People are very stubborn, so having a reason to get someone to read a blog is important. Many people will choose to read about something they know about, instead of don’t.

6. November 12th

I loved this blog post, you have a lot of information about the organization and there are a lot of good and informational photos.I think if someone saw a blog like this, it would make them more likely to donate to the cause.


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