5 blogging tips for incoming students


1. It’s not complicated

Many people get overwhelmed when blogging, because they think its complicated and are not tech savvy. Well, you do not need to be a computer whiz to understand how to blog. Just take your time, and do not publish before you finish.

2. Add life to your blog

No one wants to read a boring blog, so make sure when you create a blog it is pleasing to the eye. When you create a blog try to use different colors, or bold words. Also pictures are very important when blogging, because essentially they tell a story.

3. Make sure to edit your blog

Every time you create a blog post, make sure someone peer reads your blog. If you cannot find someone to look over your blog, then at least check it once or twice yourself. No one wants to read a blog that has misspelled words or sentence fragments.


4. Choose Creative Topics

When you are starting to write a blog, think of topics people want to read about. For example: “The risks of texting and driving”, is interesting opposed to “What I eat everyday.” Make sure to create a blog post that people will actually read.

5. Have fun

Last but not least, have fun blogging. It is not a hard hobby to catch on to, and once you see your finished blogs you feel accomplished. So just have fun while blogging, and don’t sweat it. blog




Myfitnesspal app



My Fitness pal, is a a fitness app that helps to balance fitness and calories in everyday life. It was created so that people can count calories, and log their food intake and exercise. The object is for everyone to create their own personal profile, so they can see their everyday progress and results.

I really liked this app, because I was able to set goals for myself and log my food intake each day. The coolest part of this app, was that everything you eat, you are able to get a calorie count on. For example: If you ate a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich and log this, it will be able to count the calories in the whole sandwich, so if you have a goal of staying under 1,340 you will be able to track your goal.


Another thing that most people do not realize, is that amount of nutrition they need on a daily basis. With this app, it will give you a calorie breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrates, and show you the percentage of each that you have been in taking throughout the day. The goal is for each percentage to be close to the same percent, but if they are not, then it easy to see what nutrition you are lacking.


Overall, this app was very helpful and interesting. Whether you are trying to lose weight or get your nutrition and exercise on track, it is a helpful app to have on your phone or computer.

Orange is the New Black Crtitique


Orange is the New Black, is a new TV show that has aired on Netflix for the last couple of years. People are very intrigued by this show because it isn’t like any other show that has ever been made. It depicts women playing strong roles, that normally men would play. Women being in prison is often not talked about as much as men being in prison is. This TV show brings to life what its really like for women who live their life’s behind bars.

The article I found critiquing Orange is the New Black is from The Atlantic Magazine, and the critic has a lot to say about this new show.


The critic first states “The show has prominent, complex roles for black women, Latinas, lesbian and bisexual women, and perhaps the first major role for a trans woman played by a trans woman.”

The critic emphasizes that many of the roles played in Orange is the New Black are roles that many other TV shows do not typically cast. It is important in today’s society to place different types of characters in movies or TV shows, instead of the stereotypical white female or male.

“The few male prisoners who are shown on OITNB are presented in almost aggressively stereotypical ways.”

This was another quote from the critic, because there are so many women roles, the male roles are looked at as violent or aggressive. To many people this is looked at as gender stereotypes, because the women in this TV show are also looked at as kind and gentle in some cases.


Lastly, the critic talks about how many of the crime stories that led to the women behind bars, have to do with love or are very complicated, when in reality many women who are in prison fall behind bars because of less complex reasons.

I think this TV show is very good and has a wide range of audiences, it is important to have critics in public relations, because public opinion is important. With the help of critics, it can make a business or a show improve because they are telling you things you can work on or need to get rid of.


Is cell phone use destroying face to face communication

Face to Face communication, is one of the strongest means of communication, but the use of cell phones have started to take over.

BA2B9E Female Friends Having Lunch Together At The Mall

53% of adults own a smartphone

42% of people have used their phone for entertainment when they are bored

51% of users used their cell phone at least once to get information

27% said they had trouble doing something because they did not have their phone

29% turn off their phones to take a break from their digital life at night

Cell phones have changed face to face communication, because instead of people talking to their friends in person, most of the time they are texting them. The problem with texting in today’s society is misinterpretation. For example: When someone is texting haha, it could mean something is funny or they text haha because they are used to it, but the other person may take it the wrong way. Texting can sometimes cause drama, and friendship problems.


Using a cell phone can also be as a safety net for many people. Instead of talking and being confident in social situations, people tend to hide behind their cell phones. In the past cell phones did not take away from social situations, family gatherings, school and other events. Now everywhere you go everyone has to be using their cell phones and sometimes it can come off as rude.

As being a young student, I prefer texting over face to face communication some of the time. It is a lot easier to send a text to your friend saying “Hello” then trying to find that person on campus to start a conversation with. I think texting helps in many situations and is more common in this generation then it was in the past. I also believe that texting can ruin many peoples confidence and, it can also be looked at as rude.


Twitter Posts

1.School Spirit

2. Favorite eating spot and hangout spot

3. Professor on campus

4. Student on the street

5. Academic Excellence

6. Scenic Spot

7. Little-known fact

8. Fanatic Fans

9. Extracurricular extravaganza

10. Freestyle

Using Social Media

The world we live in is surrounded by social media, but how you use it and where you see it differs for everyone.

Here are the two types of social media I have been using.


images (1)
These are the two social media apps I use most often, whether I am sitting at home, class, or trying to keep up with somebody’s life and news stories, I choose to check these apps. I love using these social media apps because they are easy to use, not hard to locate, and honestly fun! I understand that snap chat isn’t the best social media app to use, because it has nothing to do with media or news, but it helps me keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook on the other hand keeps me in touch with the media and news, with random articles popping up on my news feed every hour.

With the use of smartphones, it makes it easier for people to check social media constantly because they always have it on the go. I have had an IPhone for about 3 to 4 years now, and it’s my easiest way of keeping up with social media.


The function that I think Snap chat should have is being able to add friends through Facebook or another social media app. It is really hard to create a lot of friends on Snap chat, because with the different usernames, it is not always easy to find friends. If Snap chat was connected to another social media app where you already have your friends, it would be easier.

I think that Facebook should have videos where people can have interactions like Skype or Face time. Personally I have a lot of friends over seas who do not have Skype accounts and we are unable to text. It would be great if Facebook was like a way to Skype friends far away as well.

I think I use Snap Chat more often, and this is because I have my friends constantly snap chatting me day and night.


      1. September 17th


I think your blog page is super interesting and has many esthetically pleasing images. Your posts are easy to read and spread out very evenly. I think this is a great blog that brings a lot of good PR effects.

      2. September 30th


This post is super good and interesting as well. I liked how you had many experiences that you have with social media apps. Such as taking selfies back and forth on snap chat and how many times you actually send snap chats back in forth. This article is very relate able and that is why I was drawn to it.


        3. October 13th

I think you did a great job putting together the twitter scavenger hunt. The two pictures of the school, looked as if they were taken by a photographer. It was a great addition to your blog and your twitter!

        4. October 22nd

I think this blog is very cool, because it was related to the movie “Back to the Future.” The layout was very simple and easy to read, although I think this blog could have 1 or 2 more pictures. Great job!


         5. October 29th

I think it was very smart to do a blog about a show many people like or know about. People are very stubborn, so having a reason to get someone to read a blog is important. Many people will choose to read about something they know about, instead of don’t.


6. November 12th

I loved this blog post, you have a lot of information about the organization and there are a lot of good and informational photos.I think if someone saw a blog like this, it would make them more likely to donate to the cause.


10 Effective Communication Skills


Communicating with others seems so simple but many people do not know the proper way to act when talking with others, here is a list of 10 things that will help with that.

1. Be Enthusiastic:

If you give them the impression you want to talk to them then the person you are talking to will care about the conversation, and know you are not uninterested.

2. Ask open-ended questions: 

Ask questions that will get them to talk about their interests and their life in a way that provides you with insight into their needs and wants.

3. Adapt to their body language and feelings:

Pay attention to their nonverbal communication. Watch their body language and posture, pay attention to their inflection and word choices.

4. Listen attentively:

Don’t focus too much on what your going to say next as they are talking. Listen to every word they say and respond back as relevantly and smoothly as possible.

5. Give them eye contact:

Eye contact communicates to the other person that you are not only interested in them and what they have to say, but that you are also trustworthy.

6. Give them your best smile:

When you smile at people you communicate that you like them and their presence brings you happiness.


7. Offer helpful suggestions:

If you suggest enough ideas that interest them, they will look at you as a “go to” person when they need to make a decision about what to do next.

8. Say their name in conversation:

A person’s name is one of the most emotionally powerful words for them.

9. Give them encouragement:

When you help them feel more confident in their own abilities they will value your input.

10. Have a slightly higher energy level:

People want to be around those who lift them up, instead of bringing them down.

Young woman having business meeting in cafe with two men, smiling

The Follow up PR Pitch


The blog post I read was about follow ups in the Public Relations community. It is very important to make sure as a PR representative of a company that you follow up your emails. Journalists have a lot of emails coming through daily and may skip over important information or PR Pitches. The easiest way to get noticed in the world of communications is making sure you follow up with a second email about 2-3 days after your first email.

On another note the design of this PR blog was very eye catching. Not everything written was bunched up together, but instead they each had their separate paragraphs with headlines that include the highlight of that paragraph. For a reader such as myself, I do not like to personally read or read long on going paragraphs. With paragraph separation and headlines, it makes it easier to understand what I am reading and going into a paragraph knowing what to expect.

Another great aesthetically pleasing part about this certain blog was pointing out important sentences by bolding the sentence and making it bigger. For example:

This sentence is very Important.

This makes it easier for the person reading the blog to pick up on the more important parts of what they are reading.

The blog itself was an easy read because of all the different paragraphs and spacing. The only thing that it lacked were things such as multimedia images to catch someones eye. The most important part of a blog is the images, without images the blog can seem boring and plain. This blog only had one image which was shown at the top of the screen. It was an image of a model, which did not have anything to do with a blog about follow ups. For the most part, this blog was decent.